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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we come across. We have tried to answer them in detail

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to select your free course[s] based on the schemes mentioned on the top banner of the website:

Step 1: After you click on "enrol now" and select your paid course, you need to click on the button "Click Here" on the page where your selected course is visible. The "Click Here" button is visible below the message - "Select your free Certificate Course"

Step 2: After you click on the Click Here button, a pop up window will appear asking you select the free course. You need to click Select Free Course and not "No Thank you"

Step 3: A page will open that will show you all the courses available under the scheme[s]. All you have to do is, click on the course that you want to join. Then the course details page of the course that you have selected will open.

Step 4: Click on the "Enrol now" button and the system will automatically add the same course in your course file as a free course*

*Please follow the same process once again if you are selecting two free courses [As per the scheme provided, if applicable]


A certificate course is a short term self paced course which has content similar to a diploma but in terms of number of modules, a certificate course has lesser modules. The subject matter of a certificate course includes video lectures, online study material, quizzes and assignment; however it is limited as compared to the diploma course. All our certificate courses are certified by law firms/organizations.

A diploma course is a long term self paced course in a particular field which has a broader scope than the certificate course. It includes video lectures, online study material, quizzes and assignments. All our diploma courses are certified by law firms/organizations

In a video certificate/diploma course, the student will have access only to the pre recorded online video lectures and will be evaluated on the basis of a written project assignment. All our video certificate/diploma courses are certified by law firms/ organizations.

Enhelion Knowledge Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is an educational organization which aims at advancing practical education in India in order to bridge the gap between academics and the professional arena. It was established in 2013 and has collaborated with many law firms and organizations and is providing practical and affordable online self-paced courses to the student and professional community of India and the world.

The course fees are inclusive of all and there are no hidden charges whatsoever.

The courses are available in the English language only

Enhelion provides life-time access to the course that the student has enrolled in and the course can be accessed post-completion of the course too.

Yes, the diploma and certificate courses include assessment tests and project assignment both; however video courses include an assignment project only. In short a diploma has two MCQ tests and one project assignment. A Certificate course has one project assignment and one MCQ test. A Video certificate/diploma course has only one project assignment topic and no MCQ test.

Yes, the diploma and certificate courses include pre recorded video lectures too in addition to the other course material which are - animated videos [wherever applicable] and written content in the form of flip books [a virtual book]

All our courses have online study materials which can be accessed online. For some courses we do provide free books published by Bloomsbury Publishing Inc.

The courses are available in the English language only.

Self-paced means that the enrolled student can complete her/his course as per her/his convenience. There is no time limit to complete the course. However the onus on completing the course and its evaluation components is on the enrolled student.

The enrolled student can access his/her courses at anytime. No specific/scheduled time period is required to access the course[s]

The difference between a diploma and certificate course lies in the scope of the content. Diploma courses contain a lot more content in the subject area in comparison to a certificate courses which comprises lesser material.

Enhelion's courses are developed and certified by law firms and senior practicing lawyers. These courses help you bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. Those students who perform well are directly mentored by the law firm partners which may result in the enrolled student gaining a job in the firm or the organization. However there is no guarantee in this regard.

Any one who is interested in learning about practical aspects of law and management is welcome to join our courses. There is no eligibility criteria. Everyone is welcome.

You will receive the username and password along with the welcome email which will have all the necessary instructions of your self paced course. The username and password will get activated after 48 hours, which means that you can access the course content after 48 hours. Generally the systems activates the usernames and password within 12 hours, but there are days when it will take 48 hours. Therefore we ask the student to wait for 48 hours. If the username and password do not work, then you are requested to email us at

Yes ofcourse. If and when you have a doubt, all you have to do is email us at and we will send that email to the expert concerned who will send the response in a short duration. Students who perform well will be provided personal mentoring.

No you cannot download any video lectures from the learning management system. You will be happy to know that the videos are accessible to you for life even after you complete the course.

Yes a certificate will be provided for a video certificate course/diploma course, provided the enrolled student completes the project assignment and gets 40 percent and above.

No, the courses do not have any contact classes. The courses are completely online and are self paced.

In case of any doubts or queries, all you have to email us at and we will be happy to answer them.

In case of technical glitches, the issues can be communicated through email to and we will try and rectify the glitches.

A Master course consists of a bundle of six to seven courses concentrated on a particular field of law. For instance, a Master Programme of Intellectual Property Rights consists of courses pertaining to the related fields of IPR (Art Law, Internet Law, Fashion Law, etc.)


A Master Programme provides the student access to related courses of a particular field at affordable fees. It is pertinent for anyone who intends to carry out an in-depth study of a specific field

Enrolling for the master programme will enable you to:

  1. Get a better understanding of the topics by being mentored by various practicing lawyers having experience of more than 40 years in the profession, who also form a part of the core Enhelion team
  2. Get lifetime access to the recorded lectures which are stored in Enhelion’s database for any future reference
  3. Enjoy the special voice over features in the presentations
  4. Interact with the Enhelion team on a one-to-one basis at various intervals
  5. Get assessed on the basis of online examination as well as online submission of assignment.
  6. Get a Letter of Recommendation.
  7. Get a certificate and a scorecard signed by practicing lawyers (Scorecard consists of the marks and grades scored by the student in addition to the statement that ‘all the requirements of the said programme have been cohered to by the student.’)
  8. In case a student intends to replace any of our certificate courses with one of the courses from the Master programme, he/she can opt to do so only after
  9. The registration fee for a Master course is Rs. 5999.


All course fees are non refundable.

No, we do not offer any free course(s) with a Master Course.

We will provide you an Online Blockchain enabled Certificate post completion of all requirements of the course of each enrolled course that you have enrolled in.

Enhelion reserves the right to change the fees on its courses without intimating any past enrolled students.

According to the Law firm policy and the policy of the management of Enhelion, for the students who have enrolled before 24 October 2020, the hard copy of the certificate will be sent only once from our side. We will send it to the student again (if required), provided the processing and courier charges are incurred by the student.

We offer the students three payment gateways to make the payment of fees: PayU, Instamojo and Paytm. Please note that these are payment gateways only and not wallets. Once you have selected the payment gateway, you can choose to pay via Debit card, Credit card, UPI, etc.

If you are selected, the internship will be provided to you in any law firm where the opportunity is available for a particular period.