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Certificate in E-Commerce and the Law

Sanjiv Dagar | Certified By Legajoist Advocates and Solicitors

3998 1999

The term ‘e-commerce’ has been used by economists and capital market analysts to describe anything from the amount of sales generated by an online bookstore to explanations regarding the fluctuations in the global market. E-commerce is simply the use of the Internet to conduct business transactions locally, nationally, or internationally. The rise of e-commerce is based on the revolution of the Internet and its technology. It dramatically reduces the economic distance between producers and consumers. This evolving era of Internet business highlights the need for a comprehensive legal framework governing e-commerce. This certificate course on E-commerce and the Law is brought to you by Legajoist Advocates and Solicitors in association with Enhelion. It aims to highlight the development of the e-commerce sector and the subsequent policy framework regulating it.



Enrolling for the certificate programme will enable you to:

  • Get a signed certificate, on successful completion of the course, from renowned corporate lawyer and Insolvency Professional- Mr. Sanjiv Dagar, managing counsel of Legajoist-Advocates & Solicitors
  • Receive a recommendation letter from Mr. Sanjiv Dagar (only the top three students)
  • Get a better understanding of the topics by being mentored by various practicing lawyers having experience of more than 25 years in the profession, who also form a part of core Enhelion team
  • Get lifetime access to the recorded lectures which are stored in Enhelion’s database for any future reference
  • Enjoy the special voice over features in the presentations
  • Interact with the Enhelion team on one-to-one basis at various intervals
  • Get assessed on the basis of online examination as well as online submission of assignment
  • Get an Internship Opportunity with  Legajoist Advocates and Solicitors by performing well in the written submission


The curriculum has been designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the role played by technology in facilitating electronic business and commercial transactions. It also analyzes the legal issues involved in the internet era and the ethical considerations attached to it.


The following modules are covered under the course-

  • Module 1: Introduction to E-commerce: Meaning and benefits of e-commerce
  • Module 2: The technologies facilitating electronic business and commercial transactions
  • Module 3: The legal and policy frameworks governing electronic business, platforms, and use of the Internet
  • Module 4: Ethical considerations and consumer protections
  • Module 5: Current issues and concerns relating to e-commerce and internet regulation
  • Fees 3998     1999
  • Registration Open
  • Timing Self Paced

Sanjiv Dagar

Sanjiv Dagar is a corporate, business & strategist lawyer, with tremendous experience in litigation, advisory & contract management. He carries a well- rounded corporate experience ranging from Manufacturing to Service Sector; and has vast domain knowledge in the management of Contracts, Litigation, Legal Opinion, Mortgage, Regulatory Affairs, Consumer Laws, Securitization & Arbitration, Employment & Taxation matters and Corporate Structuring. His professional legal experience has been built on the solid foundation of premier education in India as Lawyer & FCS, followed by a prestigious higher level professional development program in U.K. as FCIS and Solicitor – England & Wales.

  • Fees 3998     1999
  • Registration Open
  • Timing Self Paced

In every walk of life, the process of evaluation takes place in one form or the other. If the evaluation process is eliminated from human life then perhaps the aim of life may be lost. Being in the same line, Enhelion is committed to evaluate the process of learning through its courses.

The evaluation will be conducted in a two-fold manner. There will be one MCQ test which would test the basic understanding on the topics covered in the course. Furthermore, there will be one Project Assignment, which would test the analytical understanding of the same.

The most intriguing aspect of the evaluation process is the time flexibility it affords. You can take the MCQ test and submit the project assignment as per your convenience.

To be eligible to receive a certificate after successful completion of the course, one is required to secure a minimum of 40 percent overall.

  • Fees 3998     1999
  • Registration Open
  • Timing Self Paced

Legajoist Advocates and Solicitors

Legajoist Advocates and Solicitors specializes in Corporate Laws, Corporate Governance and undertakes assignments from sectors like Banking, Telecom, Automobile, IT/ITES, Pharmaceutical industry, Media, Real Estate etc. The Team comprises of multi-disciplined professionals, highly skilled to perform assignments in the fields of law, finance, HR, compliance, regulatory matters, hailing from the top universities in India and abroad. The firm is active in NCLT matters involving Insolvency & Bankruptcy cases, with pan India presence. The firm has demonstrated proficiency in client's Legal function, Compliance, Taxation, Money Laundering Laws, M&A, CIRP/IBC, Structuring and IPR. It also takes up Consumer Court matters, Employment matters, Debt recovery/Collection, Bail/Police Case, Cheque Bouncing Cases, etc. The team has strong foothold at all levels of Courts starting from District/Trial court to the Apex Court; with team presence in New Delhi, Gurgaon & Mumbai.

  • Fees 3998     1999
  • Registration Open
  • Timing Self Paced

Those students who do well shall receive an internship opportunity in  Legajoist Advocates and Solicitors