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Diploma in Understanding the Civil and Criminal Aspects of the Law in India

Sapna Malik | Certified By Legaleye Advocates and Legal Consultants

$700 $350

A person aspiring to enter the Litigation field needs to have a good hold on both the procedural as well as substantive aspects of civil and criminal law which entails the Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (the CPC), the Specific Relief Act, 1963, Limitation Act, 1963, Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. According to the law firm and our policy, the course fees will not be refunded. This unique Diploma in Understanding the Civil and Criminal Aspects of the Law in India provides an insight on the key provisions of CPC, Evidence Act, Specific Relief Act, Limitation Act, CrPC as well as IPC by means of video lectures by Mrs. Sapna Malik, Legal Eye Advocates and Legal Consultants, one of the prominent law firms in the field, in association with Enhelion.


Enrolling for the certificate programme will enable you to:

  • Get a better understanding of the topics by being mentored by various practicing lawyers
  • Get lifetime access to the recorded lectures which are stored in Enhelion’s database for any future reference
  • Interact with the Enhelion team on one-to-one basis at various intervals
  • Get assessed on the basis of online submission of assignment
  • Fees $700     $350
  • Registration Open
  • Timing Self Paced

The curriculum is designed to act as a conceptual guide on the procedural aspect of both civil and criminal law in India. It analyzes the key provisions of the Limitation Act, 1963 and elaborates upon the concepts under the Indian Penal Code with the help of illustrations and landmark case laws. it further analyses important provisions of the Specific Relief Act, 1963 as well as the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 with its core components in detail.


The following are the modules which are covered under the course [Video lectures only]-

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Civil Procedure Code
  • Module 2: Courts and Jurisdiction
  • Module 3: Parties and Evidence and Trial
  • Module 4: Judgement, Appeal, Review and Revision
  • Module 5: Limitation Act and Conclusion
  • Module 6: Introduction to Specific Relief, 1963
  • Module 7: Introduction to the Limitation Act, 1963
  • Module 8: Chapter I-IV of the Indian Penal Code, 1860
  • Module 9: Chapter V-VIII of the Indian Penal Code, 1860
  • Module 10: Chapter IX-XI of the Indian Penal Code, 1860
  • Module 11: Offences against the human body
  • Module 12: Chapter XVII-XXIII of the Indian Penal Code, 1860
  • Module 13: Introduction to the Criminal Law
  • Module 14: Criminal Proceedings in India
  • Module 15: Cognizance and Trial
  • Module 16: Trial and Judgement
  • Module 17: Appeals Reference and Revision
  • Module 18: Introduction to the Indian Evidence Act
  • Module 19: Section 32-60 of Indian Evidence Act
  • Module 20: Section 61-114 of Indian Evidence Act
  • Module 21: Section 114-167 of Indian Evidence Act
  • Fees $700     $350
  • Registration Open
  • Timing Self Paced

Sapna Malik

Sapna Malik is a life time member of Bar Council of Supreme Court of India and High Court of Delhi. She is practicing as an advocate, whose professional experience spans over 15 years. She has rendered legal advice to multinational companies and Indian corporations for setting up business operations in India, as joint ventures and wholly owned subsidiaries, business restructuring and due diligence. She has extensive experience in handling legal affairs for corporate, operational legal policies involving extensive planning, strategizing and implementation of effective control measures for mitigating legal risks. As an advocate, she is handling cases independently since 2003 and has appeared and argued cases in National Commission and District Courts, High Court and Supreme Court of India. Apart from these she is a Labour Law and Industrial Relations Expert and has appeared before various Labour authorities, Tribunals, Labour Courts, advised and handled labour law cases and Industrial Relations matters. She has handled issues related to Intellectual Property Rights be it litigation or registration and has vast experience in all matters relating to property, including transactions and disputes involving commercial and residential property, and advise both individual and corporate clients on sale agreements, acquisition of property by foreigners, as well as mortgaging and finance under property and Real Estate Law.


  • Fees $700     $350
  • Registration Open
  • Timing Self Paced

In every walk of life, the process of evaluation takes place in one form or the other. If the evaluation process is eliminated from human life then perhaps the aim of life may be lost. Being in the same line, Enhelion is committed to evaluate the process of learning through its courses.

The enrollee will be evaluated based on two Project Assignments, which would test the analytical understanding of the topics covered in the video lecture. 

The most intriguing aspect of the evaluation process is the time flexibility it affords. You can choose to undergo the evaluation process as and when you are ready for the same.

To be eligible to receive a certificate after successful completion of the course, one is required to secure an overall minimum of 40 percent in the Project Assignments.

  • Fees $700     $350
  • Registration Open
  • Timing Self Paced

Legaleye Advocates and Legal Consultants

Legal Eye works in close coordination with client corporate functions to provide integrated business solutions, keeping in view the applicable Indian legal environment. They aim to provide data-driven insights, give an authoritative guidance on corporate law matters, and also provide tailored support that executives need to improve individual, functional and corporate performance. The firm has cutting edge expertise in Civil, Criminal, Domestic arbitration, Consumer cases, Recoveries (civil), and Labour& Employment matters, RERA Complaints, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Matters and Drugs and Cosmetics law related matters.

  • Fees $700     $350
  • Registration Open
  • Timing Self Paced

NOTE:  This is a video lecture course. There will be no written modules as part of the course content. The enrolled student will only have access to video lectures.