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Diploma in Aviation Law and Security

Vikrant Pachnanda | Certified By Vikrant Pachnanda Law Chambers

8998 1999

The field of aviation law extends to multiple aspects of the aviation industry. The law on aviation regulation began from the very time when the experiments with flights and hot balloons started. With the development of air transport as a major industry, the need for regulation was pressing. Presently, with advancements in innovation, correspondence, route, observation and air movement administration are changing over from ground based to satellite-based innovation. As an after-effect of these advancements, a need has emerged to set down suitable shields to guarantee security of aviation against demonstrations of unlawful obstruction.

The Diploma in Aviation Law and Security is brought to you by one of the eminent law firms in the field in India, Vikrant Pachnanda Law Chambers, in association with Enhelion. It discusses in detail, the domestic and international framework as well as the aspects of aviation security in India.

According to the law firms and our policy, the course fees will not be refunded.


Enrolling for the diploma programme will enable you to:

  • Get a better understanding of the topics by being mentored by various practicing lawyers having experience of more than 40 years in the profession, who also form a part of core Enhelion team
  • Get lifetime access to the recorded lectures which are stored in Enhelion’s database for any future reference
  • Enjoy the special voice over features in the presentations
  • Interact with the Enhelion team on one-to-one basis at various intervals
  • Get assessed on the basis of online examination as well as online submission of assignment
  • Fees 8998     1999
  • Registration Open
  • Timing self-paced

The curriculum has been designed to comprehensively discuss the international framework (Chicago Convention, Warsaw Convention, Montreal Convention) as well as the domestic framework (Aircraft Act, 1934, Carriage by Air Act, 1972, Anti-hijacking Act, 2016) relating to the aviation industry. It further elaborates upon the aspects of aviation security as well as aircraft financing.

The following modules are covered under the course-

  • Module 1: Introduction to Public International Aviation Law
  • Module 2: The Chicago Convention
  • Module 3: Carriers’ liability under the Warsaw Convention and Montreal Convention
  • Module 4: Legal Regime Governing Crimes on Board Aircrafts
  • Module 5: The Aircraft Act, 1934
  • Module 6: Carriage by Air Act, 1972
  • Module 7: Anti-hijacking Act, 2016
  • Module 8: Aircraft financing and the Cape Town Convention
  • Module 9: Air transport and Competition Law
  • Module 10: Introduction to Aviation Security
  • Module 11: Aviation Security in India
  • Fees 8998     1999
  • Registration Open
  • Timing self-paced

Vikrant Pachnanda

Vikrant Pachnanda is an Advocate having pursued his B.A. LL.B (Hons.) from Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar (GNLU), an LLM from Cornell Law School and an LLM in Advanced Air & Space Law from the International Institute of Air & Space Law at Leiden University, Netherlands. He presently judges both the National and International Rounds of the Leiden-Sarin International Air Law Moot, which is held annually and is the one of the only moot court competitions in the field of air law in the world. He had also participated in the said moot court competition both as a GNLU student and as a coach of the GNLU team in the past. He is also an aviation law consultant advising on several aviation related issues such policy related issues amongst others. He was one of the 8 students who were part of the first batch of students that enrolled in the inaugural course of air law at GNLU.

  • Fees 8998     1999
  • Registration Open
  • Timing self-paced

In every walk of life, the process of evaluation takes place in one form or the other. If the evaluation process is eliminated from human life then perhaps the aim of life may be lost. Being in the same line, Enhelion is committed to evaluate the process of learning through its courses.

The evaluation will be conducted in a two-fold manner. There will be two MCQ tests which would test the basic understanding on the topics covered in the course. Furthermore, there will be one Project Assignment, which would test the analytical understanding of the same.

The most intriguing aspect of the evaluation process is the time flexibility it affords. You can take the MCQ test and submit the project assignment as per your convenience.

To be eligible to receive a certificate after successful completion of the course, one is required to secure a minimum of 40 percent overall.

  • Fees 8998     1999
  • Registration Open
  • Timing self-paced

Vikrant Pachnanda Law Chambers

Vikrant Pachnanda, practicing advocate is the founder of the Law Chambers. He practices aviation and space law in India and has an extensive experience in the field.

  • Fees 8998     1999
  • Registration Open
  • Timing self-paced