Corporate Law Courses that Will Help You Build a Successful Legal Career

Author: Rishima Rawat

Corporate law is arguably the most popular field among law students. The attractive packages, the zeal of being part of billion-dollar deals and working in corporate law firms add to its charm. It is not a single subject but a collection of various subjects. These deal with various legal issues involved in a corporate transaction. Apart from that, corporate law also addresses compliance and governance issues in running a business.  With so many aspects to it, it offers a diverse range of subjects that a student can learn and develop an interest in.

Corporate lawyers generally have a specialized area that they excel in. For example, there are mergers and acquisitions lawyers (M&A), banking and finance lawyers, private equity lawyers and so on. This is also how teams are divided into big corporate law firms such as the Amarchands (SAM and CAM), AZB and Trilegal. So there is ample scope to grow as a lawyer in the corporate sector.

Thousands of law students graduate every year. Most of them want to be a corporate lawyer. There is intense competition for limited jobs. Law firms look for people who demonstrate, among other things, superior knowledge and application than their peers. This is where you need to be above everyone else. You need to put in more work than the usual class-work. As we already know, corporate law is huge. There are so many different subjects that one can choose from. Enhelion offers you that option- choose whichever course you wish to study from its vast collection of online corporate law courses. Some of the unique features of these courses are:

  • Affordable and self-paced
  • Certified by law firms
  • Taught by industry professionals
  • Students are given books on the subject that are published by Bloomsbury India.
  • Top performers get an opportunity to intern at a law firm and learn practical skills

 Here are some of the corporate law courses that you can study to enhance your knowledge.

Certificate in Legal Aspects of Business

Once you have decided to pursue a career in corporate law, it is important to start with the basics. This course will introduce you to corporate law. It will also help you develop an interdisciplinary approach since corporate law involves an interaction between other different laws. The course covers intellectual property law, competition law, and information technology law. It also has a module on contract drafting.

Certificate in Commercial Contracts

The foundation of being a good corporate lawyer is having command over commercial contracts. You need to have a good understanding of them before venturing into the field. This course helps you achieve that. Here, you will learn what areas are important in a commercial contract and how you can balance it.

Certificate in Understanding Companies Act, 2013 

Every business in India has to abide by the Companies Act, 2013. As a student of law, it is important to know the important provisions that companies must comply with. This is a comprehensive course on this legislation. It will help you grasp the concepts related to business such as setting up a company, its management, and audit and corporate social responsibility.

Certificate in Drafting Techniques in Commercial Contracts

This course is helpful for law students as well as professionals. Drafting is an essential skill that comes with practice. A well-drafted contract is quite advantageous for a business. This course will help you learn not just the fine techniques of drafting commercial contracts but also how to negotiate their terms. These are must-have skills for any budding corporate lawyer.

Certificate in Mergers and Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

India witnesses a vast amount of business deals, both domestic and global. M&A and joint ventures form a considerable part of them. They involve millions of dollars and legal expertise. Hence, lawyers play a very important role in successfully closing them. In this course, you will learn about M&A and joint ventures- their requirements, due diligence, and terms and conditions.

Certificate in Private Equity Law

 Private Equity (PE) has gained traction over the years. As investments in Indian companies increase, the PE practice also grows. PE simple means direct investments in private companies that give the investor a stake in the company. With a growing number of startups, this is the module followed by many investors. This course is very relevant, especially in today’s business climate. You will learn about private investments, venture capital funding, what this capital is used for and the necessary legal documentation.

Certificate in Joint Venture Agreements

Joint ventures are a common practice in the business world. As a future corporate lawyer, an understanding of a joint venture is a must for you. The earlier you get it, the better. This course will give you a thorough insight into joint ventures- their meaning, purpose, nuances of a term sheet, how to conduct due diligence and the important clauses in a joint venture agreement.

Certificate in Foreign Direct Investment

We keep hearing about changes to the FDI rules and how it will affect companies transacting business in India. But what exactly is FDI and how does it work? This course explains it in detail. Prepared by industry professionals, it explains the theories related to FDI, the process of capital and revenue procurement and the different sectors where FDI is allowed.

Certificate in Mergers and Acquisitions

An M&A transaction takes months to complete. It is a complex process involving an enormous amount of legal documents. If you do not know how it works, you will easily be overwhelmed by the entire process. To avoid tackling this enormous but very important process for the first time at your job, it is advisable to take this intensive course exclusively on M&A. It details everything from its concepts, the steps involved in the transaction, negotiations, various applicable laws and post-merger management.

Certificate in Banking and Insurance Laws

The banking and insurance sector in India is a vital component of the economy. It affects the lives of common people. As law students, you should know the fundamentals of these two sectors of the economy. This course teaches the basics of banking and insurance and the laws that are applicable to them.

Certificate in Investment and Banking Law

Investment banking is a highly lucrative field. The banking and investment sectors together have propelled the Indian economy to new heights. This area of law offers some incredible opportunities to law students to make a mark in the corporate world. In this course, you will learn about investment banking and its practice in India and related concepts such as NBFCs, FDI and the role of SEBI.

Certificate on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws (IBC)

The introduction of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) in 2016 was one of the major economic reforms in India. The aim is to expedite the process of insolvency and protect the interests of investors. It lays out a definite procedure for resolving insolvency and bankruptcy cases. Law students must know about this major reform and how it functions. You can take this course to learn about the IBC, the process, different individuals and entities involved in it (such as the resolution professional, corporate debtor and committee of creditors) and how the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) adjudicates the proceedings under IBC.

Certificate in International Business Law

 Businesses are going global. It is wise to widen your knowledge and learn about the international legal landscape. Courses at Enhelion are not just limited to indian law but also offer global perspective. This is one such course where you will learn about the international law aspects of business. You will get to learn about international corporate governance practices, international trade law and economics and market regulation. This will enable you to understand the issues related to international business and form a critical view.

Certificate in Law on Capital Markets

Capital markets is an important field that offers a number of growth opportunities. Almost all corporate law firms have dedicated capital markets teams. The subject witnesses constant developments as the business evolve rapidly. With this course, you will get an insight into the basic concepts of capital markets, the instruments involved (shares, debentures) and the powers and functions of the market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Advanced Certificate on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

This is an advanced online course on the IBC. It will give you a detailed insight into the resolution process. You will learn about the role and responsibilities of the resolution professional, liquidator and operational and financial creditors. It also discusses the regulatory bodies- the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) and the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI). This will help you to understand the regulatory framework under the IBC.

Certificate in Company Law and Compliance

Corporate law requires a lot of compliances. You must know which is the applicable law in a particular transaction and what are the necessary compliances. This course will teach you about why compliance is extremely important and what are the day-to-day and annual compliances to be met with.

Certificate on Corporate Governance

Many companies, especially startups, have fallen prey to dubious corporate practices. While knowing what laws a business must comply with is important, it is equally vital to ensure that it follows the best practices of corporate governance. Knowledge about corporate governance is an added advantage for any corporate lawyer. In this course, you will learn about the meaning of corporate governance, its principles and its legal and regulatory aspects.

 Apart from the certificate courses, we also have diploma courses. These offer an intensive knowledge of the subject that can be helpful to further develop expertise. Here are the diploma courses on corporate law:

Diploma in Corporate Laws

This is a detailed course that discusses everything from the formation of a business and raising investment to corporate governance, capital markets, M&A, arbitration and dispute resolution. It interlinks corporate law to other laws and explains their interactions. The different laws include contract law, information technology law, intellectual property law and competition law. It also discusses policy issues such as FDI and management practices in business organizations.

Diploma in Contract Drafting

Drafting of contracts is a highly important skill that many students fail to develop. A major part of corporate law is drafting agreements. If you do not know how to draft a commercial contract, you cannot be a successful corporate lawyer. This is a structured and advanced course on contract drafting. It has detailed modules that discuss how to negotiate contracts, the essential principles of drafting, sample clauses, contract management and some mistakes that are common in drafting. It also contains very helpful templates on different kinds of contracts.

Diploma in Mergers and Acquisitions

This advanced course details the entire process step by step. It has modules on each step- negotiation, due diligence, finances and M&A strategy. It also discusses the post-M&A scenarios such as the value that is created and how corporate restructuring takes place after an M&A transaction. It also contains case studies on M&A that will help you to understand how theory is applied to practice.

Diploma in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law

As stated above, IBC is one of the major reforms in the economic sector. It is important for you to know about it. If you want to make a career as a banking and finance lawyer, this is a very important course that will give you a thorough understanding of the IBC. You will learn the insolvency and liquidation processes, the offences and penalties and the amendments that have been carried out in the code.

Diploma in International Trade

With inter-trade relations between countries often making it to political discussions, it cannot be denied that international trade has become an integral part of foreign policy for countries. Its rising significance makes it an even more interesting subject. This course will provide you with a perspective on global trade. It has been designed to teach you the concepts and classifications in international trade, the international bodies that govern trade-relations between countries and anti-dumping policies.


All these online courses offer practical insights into the subjects. You will come across these concepts in any corporate internship that you do. There is a difference between knowing something and applying it in real-time. These courses will give you an edge above other interns who may not know anything outside the textbook. You will not be caught off guard if you hear a particular term related to any of these subjects or are asked to carry out a particular process. The earlier you develop these skills and put them to practice in your internships, the better result you will get once you step into the professional world.